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Wedding Tears

I never used to shed tears at weddings. Now I cry at all of them. I cry because I am married myself, and I have empathy for the couple who have decided to make a lifelong commitment to one another. Marriage is a most unselfish gift, something from both people becomes something new and enduring. As a couple walks down the aisle to be joined, witnesses remember their own wedding and the joy they felt on that day when they declared their love for their beloved  to the whole world. Tears of joy remind us of the truth and promises we share.

So, why has this unifying institution of good intentions, become explicitly reserved for only certain people? Because some traditions are hard to change. Okay, some people faint at the prospect of any type of change. I get that. But all traditions change over time, even the most important ones. And for some people, they will resist any change as long as they have breath. But it comes. Change happens. And changes that foster happiness, safety, and security should be the easier ones, shouldn’t they? I think so.

I mentioned that I am married. I had a civil ceremony as well as a separate church ceremony with hundreds of witnesses at each. Yet, in Utah, where I live, I am not lawfully married. I guess that makes me an outlaw? I don’t know. I vividly remember my promises to respect , love, and protect my spouse. My hope is that “we the people” of this place will do what is necessary to make this fully possible. And if not, then I trust that the courts will defend my civil liberties in some capacity. Someday. The next time you hear wedding bells, remember me.