Vacation At Home

It’s over now. It probably wasn’t my first “staycation” in my life, but it was a lovely one. Being at home, while carefully planning what we would do for a week – without “working”, was a challenge. My spouse, the love of my life, needed more R & R than I did. There was some working going on,  but we still managed to plan intentional “special” times each day. We had nice dinners together and others with friends, did some gardening, went to a movie,  lounged in our pool, and loved on our furry children, (Marco & Muffin). And last night, we were fortunate to have experienced a “one man cabaret”, featuring a dear friend, and it was unforgettably entertaining. Thanks Nic!

This morning, the first day after “staycation” feels like the start of something new. The dogs are still sleeping at my feet as I create my first blog. I can hear the birds outside and the gentle gong of the chimes. This day, with all of its possibilities,  awaits. Happy Birthday Mom. You would have been 71 years old today. I miss you.


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